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A quantity surveyor plays a hugely important role in building projects but what exactly do they do and what’s their role within widerconstruction project management? Let’s find out.

What Does A Surveyor Do?

A quantity surveyor’s work startsbeforeany building work begins to take place andafterall building work is complete. It is their job to calculate the quantity of materials and workmanship of building structures according to specifications. They must work out bills of quantities, assess building rates according to the contract and finalise all accounts of valuations once the project has finished. A quantity surveyor is responsible for estimating and controlling the cost of large scale construction projects, whilst ensuring that structures meet the necessary legal and quality standards. They will be involved in a range of different construction projects from new builds and renovations to maintenance work.

The duties of a quantity surveyor will include:

  • 制定项目的“可行性”with the client’s budget and needs
  • Presenting detailed ‘valuations’ that outline the cost of specific elements of work
  • Liaising with subcontractors in order to organise the division of a project
  • Dealing with contractual and legal matters to ensure that all necessary obligations are met
  • Managing costs closely to ensure that all work andprocurement of materialsare kept within budget
  • Organising the payment of staff and settling financial accounts
  • Monitoring progress for the client, with up to date details on the finances involved

A quantity surveyor is often dealing with huge amounts of money and so they need to have exceptional numerical and organisation skills. They also need to be skilled at negotiating in order to achieve the best costs for the client without jeopardising quality or standards. All construction projects are likely to bring up their own challenges along the way and so a good quantity surveyor needs to be able to problem solve and adapt in order to overcome any difficulties that may arise.

Why Is The Work Of A Quantity Surveyor So Important?

The work of a quantity surveyor is absolutely crucial to ensure that the budget for a construction project is utilised in the most practical and cost-effective way. A quantity surveyor ensures that the planned work is feasible and that the client’s money is invested wisely to achieve a high standard build that reflects their original plans.

That’s why a key aspect of a quantity surveyor’s work is balancing budget with quality, and ensuring that they are investing in the best people and materials for the job. They need to ensure that the budget they are allocating to materials is invested wisely, as this quite literally forms the foundations of any build, small or large.

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